People’s Moss Landing Water Desal Project: Sustainable Water Solutions

You’ve probably been reading and hearing about all the controversy surrounding our region’s water needs and the various proposed water projects. By January 2017, Cal-Am is required to reduce the amount of water it takes from the Carmel River by 70%, which will result in severe rationing on the Monterey Peninsula if a solution is not found. And while most of the focus has been on the Peninsula’s water shortage, the water needs of north Monterey County have been overlooked.

The solution? The People’s Moss Landing Water Desal Project, which proposes to deliver 3,652 acre feet a year of potable water to North Monterey County and an additional 9,752 afy a year to the Monterey Peninsula. Situated at the 200-acre Moss Landing Green Commercial Park (formerly the National Refractories & Minerals plant), the “People’s Moss Landing” project has several significant benefits:

1. The project is scaled to meet actual water needs and is not growth-inducing, and it is the only project to specifically include the water needs of North County
2. The site was selected by the CPUC in 2002 as the preferred site for a desalination plant in the Monterey Bay area
3. The site has significant existing infrastructure, including intake and outfall pipelines into Monterey Bay – a tremendous benefit during the permitting and construction process
4. The site has been used extensively in the past for industrial purposes, and this project will be a leading example of industrial reuse

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